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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weekly Shopping--$66

I went to Aldi JUST to pick up milk, and I succeeded in leaving the store with only that. I was tempted to make some impulse purchases, but I held myself back! :-) I spent $5.67 on 3 gallons of milk at Aldi. I didn't bother taking a picture of 3 gallons of milk. :-)

On double coupon day, I did 4 transactions and doubled 20 coupons. I had missed the Conagra deal when I went through the ad (sorry!), but saw signs for it at the store. I had some coupons and some of the items were already on my list anyway, so I went for it. I bought $16.57 worth of Conagra products, used $8 in coupons, and got a $5 catalina that I used to help pay for my next order. So after sales, coupons, and catalina, I got Peter Pan peanut butter and Egg Beaters for free, and paid $0.40 each for 4 Ro*Tel tomatoes, 3 Hunt's tomatoes, and 2 Reddi-Wips. I did the Clabber Girl deal even though I was only able to print off 1 coupon before they ran out (making it $0.39 instead of better than free--oh well.)These are the items I got for FREE: 2 packs of Tree Top juice boxes, 2 cans of Dole fruit, 2 boxes of Ritz crackers, Clabber Girl cornstarch, Peter Pan peanut butter, Egg Beaters, and a reusable bag (not pictured--got it free when I applied for my new rewards card).

These items were $0.50 or less: Bananas, 3 Steamers vegetables, Clabber Girl baking powder, 2 packs of Chinet plates, Smart Balance butter, 3 cans of Hunt's tomatoes, 2 cans of Reddi-Wip, and 4 cans of Ro*Tel tomatoes.

These items were $1 or less: Chocolate milk, 3 packs of Sargento cheese, whipping cream, and cream cheese.

I also bought a bag of oranges, a bag of grapefruit, lettuce, croutons, a jar of yeast (yummy-homemade bread!), 3 blocks of cheese (for company next week to go with crackers and hummus as an appetizer), 4 packs of Mtn Dew, ice cream, 5 cans of sweet potatoes (on clearance for 1/2 off), fruit cocktail, nutmeg, and two gallons of milk.

My total before coupons and sales was $137.54. I paid $60.37 for 55 items, for a savings of $77.17. That puts my total shopping for the week to be $66.04. Considering we are hosting Thanksgiving company from out of town (there will be 14 of us) for several days next week and we have pretty much everything we need (including a turkey AND a ham!), I think we're doing pretty good.

Here are the monthly running totals:
November totals: $72.93, $59.76, $66.04
My average for November has been $66 a week, higher than normal because of stocking up for Thanksgiving and company that will be staying with us for several days.
October totals: $32.87, $72.29, $63.02, $31.36, $36.79
My total for October, which had 5 weeks, was $236.33, an average of $47 a week.
September totals: $47.69, $52.23, $46.86, $65.62.
My total for September was $212.40, an average of $53 a week.

How about you? What deals did you snag this week? Were you excited about your totals? Share your successes in the comments below! I love to hear about other people saving money--it keeps me going!

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Richelle said...

Jessica you told me you wanted to know what I ended up doing.....I did two transactions!! :) Yay! My total was $91.56 and after doubled coupons (10) I spent 45.56. So not bad for my first attempt. Even my husband thought I was crazy until I came home telling him that I saved $46! He didn't believe me. Had to show him the slips. And I would have only spent 35, but he called me asking for things not on my very very specific list. I got the Folgers for $3.49! I got two packs of the 12 double roll Northern tp for $10.58. I got 4 Coffee Mate 32 oz creamers for $4. Skippy pb for .19 and some cat treats for free. Also picked up two packs of Ritz for $1.96 for both. I also got two packs of the Sargento shred cheese for $3.32. AND to be nice because I knew that I would never use them, I left 3 Northern tp coupons for $1 off on the shelf. I was very happy. I know I will get better at this. I am amazed when I find people who can save tons more. That's my goal eventually.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Richelle, that is AWESOME!! Thanks so much for telling me! Doesn't it feel great to save more than you spend? :-)

I'm glad your hubby was excited and surprised, too. That's always fun! Beware, though, he will probably get wise to your tricks, and a few months from now when you ask him "guess how much I spent", he'll be able to guess it within $10--which steals a little bit of your thunder--but hopefully he'll still appreciate the savings you are seeing in your bank account!

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