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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Firstborns Have Higher I.Q.s?

Currently on the JuiceBoxJungle widget. . . Do you think your firstborn has a higher I.Q. than your other kids? The New York Times published a study finding that firstborns have a higher I.Q. than their siblings. Here's the article, or you can click on the appropriate frame in my JuiceBox on the right sidebar so you can read it if you are interested, and don't forget to answer the you have a sharper firstborn? Do you agree with what the Times claims...that this could be due to family dynamics; perhaps to the greater responsibility assigned to the firstborn?

Firstborns generally get more undivided time with mom and dad than subsequent children do, but I don't think this would cause them to have a lower I.Q. Since we have a larger (and growing!) family, it would be selling our kids short to say that they won't be as smart as another child, just because of when they were born. Having other siblings provides children with a wealth of experiences. It is probably true that their I.Q.s would differ in different areas, like one might be more book smart, one might be better with other people, etc. Whether this is affected by birth order might be interesting. In any case, we need to look at our children as individuals and look for the areas that God has gifted them in and develop their interests. It's fun to see your babies grow into little people with their own personalities! What do you think?


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