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Friday, November 27, 2009

Swagbucks Gift Card Blowout!

If you use Swagbucks, I have good news for you! From 11/27 (today!) until 1/1/10, Swagbucks will be offering special blowout prices on one gift card a day in the swag store. They won't announce which card is on sale, so you'll have to visit the swag store to find out, but this could make your swagbucks stretch even further, so start saving them up! A $5 Amazon gift card is only 45 swagbucks right now, but maybe they'll go on sale for 20 or 25? We'll have to see! They also have gift cards to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Paypal, Target, iTunes, and many more. You can order 2 gift cards at the blowout price each day. See the Swagbucks’ blog for more details.

Also, did you know you can frequently find a swag code for a free swagbuck? On your Swagbucks home page, look on the left side and click on "Special Offers" and then just keep skipping through the offers until you get to your free swag code. Usually you have to click through 2-5 offers to find the swag code. According to Angela, this special offer resets each Thursday. She suggests doing your searches first to earn your swagbucks, before getting your bonus swag buck, so that you can get more swagbucks that way.

If you haven't signed up or started earning Swagbucks yet, now is a great time to start! When you sign up, you will earn 3 swagbucks to get you started, and you can usually earn 1-5 swagbucks per day just by searching the web. And don't forget about Mega Swagbucks Fridays! Save up some swagbucks and get ready for the blowout deal of the day!

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Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info!! I love swagbucks! They help me keep a nice little balance in my paypal account.

Together We Save said...

Oh and who made your button I am looking for one for myself. denisewmomof3 at

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Actually, I made my button and header myself. Thanks so much for the compliment, though! :-)
If I can get organized enough to remember all the steps to do it (with hubby's help!), maybe I can post a little tutorial.

I do know someone who does blog headers and buttons, though. She is a graphic designer. Her website is She charges $10-$30 for blog banners, but I don't know how much it would be for only a button.

You can also go over to where she is giving away a $100 blog design!

If you decide to go with her, please tell her that Jessica from MomForHim sent you! :-)

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