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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double Coupon Day-under $37

There were plenty of double coupon deals this week at the grocery store. I just love double coupon day!

I did three transactions. My subtotal before savings was $96.73. My total after coupons and sales was $36.79. No Aldi this week, and I bought 2 dozen eggs at Walgreens, but they were essentially free, so that's my total for the week.

The best deal of the day was the Kellogg's products. If you bought 5, they were 5/$10. If you bought specially marked packages, there is a mail-in rebate for $10, making them free. Buy them on double coupon day and I saved an extra $7.50! Money maker!! :-)

The Dreamfields pasta was better than free after doubled coupon. The International Delights were free after coupon or better than free after doubled coupon. The Ken's Dressing was 50% off and I had a $2 off coupon making it better than free. The juices were $0.79 each for the reduced sugar kind. The Wheat Thins Chips were also $0.79. The 3 bags of chips were $1 each after coupons and sales. The Welch's jelly was $0.23. The whole wheat with flaxseed bread was $0.98. The trash bags were a great deal at $2 a box. I had to get a raincheck for the Yoplait Delights and the Bar S sausage, so hopefully I'll get those next week.

Not every week of my grocery shopping is this low, but it usually happens about once a month. I frequently have one week a month that is more around $70, and the other two weeks are usually $50-$60, so my average shopping week is around $55. If you'd like to see more of my weekly shopping trips, go here. If you'd like to see some sample menu plans to see how I feed my family of 6 by shopping this way, go here. If you'd like to learn how to shop this way, check out my coupon 101 course here.


Melissa said...

Thank you for the match ups and the coupon links. Nice job this week, what a savings. The P&G deal was fantastic too. I spent $7.33 OOP and will get $40 worth of free pink cookware. I saved $27.82.

Connie said...

Your my hero!!!!!

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