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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Groceries-- $72

This week my overall total was a little higher than the past few weeks, which I was expecting. I haven't spent over $70 since August, so I knew a higher week was coming eventually, and this was that week. Still, with my weekly total being $72.29, that still puts my weekly average over the last 8 weeks at $51.98. Not bad for a family of 6!

At Target I spent $10.18. I forgot my $1 off Cottonelle coupon (oops!), but I did get $0.10 back for bringing my own bags and I price matched CVS for the toilet paper to save $1, since I wasn't planning to go to CVS this week. Did you know that Target price matches competitor's ads now? First you buy your items, then bring your receipt and the current ad to the service desk and they will refund the difference. And I think it's great that Target has jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon by offering $0.05 back for each reusable bag you bring in and use! I've done it twice, and I've had to politely remind the cashier both times (it's a new policy, after all), but they have a barcode on the counter by the register that they scan for each bag you use--and it doesn't have to be a Target bag, it can be from anywhere! :-)

At Aldi I spent $14.19 on 3 gallons of mik, a dozen eggs, 4 packages of cheese slices, a fresh pineapple, some wontons, and tilapia. No one in my family likes fish (even tuna fish), but I have heard from MANY people that tilapia is good, so I've been wanting to give it a try. I found this individual package of tilapia at Aldi for $0.89--perfect! I've been consistently going to Aldi for my milk since it is $1.79 per gallon, even for whole milk, which really beats my grocery store's price.

At the grocery store I spent $47.92 over 3 transactions (original prices were over $108, a savings of $60.34!). The Yo-plus and Fiber One yogurt were all BETTER THAN FREE after BOGO sale and doubled coupons! I got a raincheck because they ran out, so I'll be able to get more better than free yogurt next week. The Yoplait Delights were free after doubled coupon. Items $1 or less were the Success brown rice, Danimals and Dan-Active (for the Dannonomics promotion), tomatoes, kidney beans, cookie dough, spaghetti sauce, Toaster Strudels, Sargento cheese, bananas, carrots, Wonder hamburger buns, AA batteries, and Pillsbury products.

TOTAL: $72.29
I got a $3 ONYO catalina to use next week from Pillsbury. I did that transaction first so that I would be able to use the catalina right away, but the cashier held my receipts until the end, and I didn't think to ask for it. It would have kept my total under $70 for the week, though! Oh well! It will help with next week's total. :-)

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NeedANap2 said...

Where do you grocery shop that has double coupons only on one day a week? I don't think I've read where you say a store name. We just moved so I'm still adjusting to what stores are available around me. :( I'm beginning to really miss Meijer!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

It's a local chain, not a national chain, which is why I don't bother with the name. I wish we had a Kroger or Meijer, but we don't!

Anonymous said...

I have price matched at Target and learned the hard way that it is best to pay for your item at the service counter and get the price match first then use any coupons you may have. I did not do this with the Skippy peanut butter that was on sale at Walgreens a week or two ago, I paid at check out and used my coupons and cashier said to take receipt to service desk...however after using the target coupons and manuf coupons the price was lower than Walgreens so they would not do it. I ended up paying more and was in a rush to get child from a class so could not argue for return and coupons back!
Had I price matched first I could have saved another 40 cents each (I had bought 10 jars to donate)
Lesson learned and I wanted to share with you!

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