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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekly Shopping- $31

Last night I went to both Aldi and the grocery store for double coupon day. I went to Aldi primarily for milk, and picked up a few other things while I was there. I got 4 gallons of milk, raisin boxes, 1 lb. of sliced ham, and eggs. My total at Aldi was $11.93.

At the grocery store I actually had trouble scraping together two transactions! I was surprised because I had posted about all sorts of coupon deals, and my stack of coupons before I left was considerable, but they were out of some things, and I passed up some deals that we just didn't need. So I did two transactions and doubled 10 coupons. My total before coupons was about $52.00. After coupons my total at the grocery store was $19.43. My total for the week was $31.36.

The Dole Fruit Gels were all free. I had won coupons in the Dole sweeps earlier this summer and was saving the coupons for a week when I needed help to get to $25. Playing the sweeps can help you lower your grocery bill!

The crescent rolls and 8th Continent chocolate milk were better than free, the other 8th Continent milk was $0.50. The Yo-Crunch was free with a catalina coupon that had printed out a few weeks ago (you know I don't pay for yogurt!). The Buitoni was a great deal after doubled coupons ($2 total for all 3) and will be a nice treat for dinner this week. The refried beans were $0.39 each after doubled coupons, and the Hormel Compleats meal was $0.39 after a $2 coupon from All You magazine.

Honestly, I'm not shopping any differently than I usually do. I'm a little surprised that I've been able to keep our totals so low week after week (though I probably shouldn't be)! These are our totals over the last several weeks:

$36.79 (Oct 1), $47.69, $52.23, $46.86, $65.62.
My total for September for our family of 6 was $212.40, an average of $53 a week. My average weekly grocery spending for the past 6 weeks has been $47. If you'd like to see my weekly shopping trips, click here.

I haven't had a big stock-up week since August. I looked in the freezer, expecting to be almost out of things, but we still have 7 lbs. of ground beef, 2 cornish game hens, and over 8 lbs. of chicken, plus pasta and other dinner makings, so it's not like we're scraping together meals. I still have plenty to choose from!

I praise the Lord for coupons! (this might seem silly to some, but it's true!)


Mommy Petersen said...

How did you work the 3 Buitoni for $1. I see it's Buy 2 get 1. So 3 for $6, did you use 2 for double coupons and one that didn't double to bring it down the $5? I'm a week behind you in our ads so I love to see your photos and see how well you me hope for the next week :) God bless.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oops! Sorry, I got my math wrong! You're right, they were 3/$6 and I used 2 $1 coupons that doubled, bringing it down to $2--still a good deal in my mind. I've corrected it--thanks!

andrea said...

Pretty impressive indeed. We're a family of 8 and I feel like we did well if we keep it at $80/week---I'd like to go a bit lower, though.

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