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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Read-Alouds for Young Children

Most days we try to read chapter books together after lunch. This is a great way to expose your children to different cultures and time periods. You can all get wrapped up in the story, and the kids naturally ask questions while we try answer them or explain new concepts in a relaxed context.

So far we've read the old Winnie The Pooh chapter books, the All of a Kind Family series (based on true stories from a family with 5 girls), Anne of Green Gables, and now we have started on the Little House books--we just finished Little House in the Big Woods.

We've also read several of Janette Oke's Animal Friends series, which I think are great for the younger ages, with short chapters and colorful pictures. See those here.

We have Mary Poppins on the list, and we'd like to read more of the Anne of Green Gables and Little House series, but we hop around depending on the girls' interest. Others that are on the list for down-the-line include Black Beauty, Swiss Family Robinson, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, and Little Women (we do have 4 girls!).

What are some read-alouds that you would recommend for young children? I'd love to add to my list!


Cap said...

You might try Caddie Woodlawn, who is in the same vein as the Little House books. Others: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (sort of hard to find), Frog and Toad (for M), the Ramona Quimby books, Betsy-Tacy (set in MN! though it's not said), Julie of the Wolves, and Eight Cousins (also by Alcott). I remember reading the original Wizard of Oz with my Dad when I was six too. The American Girl series are good too. I have the Kirsten one from long ago. Nice stories and really super illustrations.


AJ King said...

Thanks for the list! I've been trying to find good chapter books to read with Micah, but so many seem to be girl-orientated. We did read Black Beauty and he loved it! We'll have to try some you have suggested!


Cap said...

One of the Little House books focuses on Almanzo, Laura's husband, when he was eight and nine years old.


Angela said...

My kids have been loving boxcar children lately. Any updates on G?

Soda in a Sippy Cup said...

My kids really loved Charlotte's Web and EVERYTHING by Roald Dahl. They also liked Desperau. Probably my favorite part of school is our bedtime story books.

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