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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Candy and Toy Coupons

Coupons are not only for groceries! Have you checked out some of the coupons on lately? If you are looking for a good deal on candy or Christmas presents, print out some coupons, first! There are some really high-value coupons that should make for some good deals. So print your coupons, watch the sales, and pounce when the time is right. :-)

$2/1 Nestle bagged candy

$2/1 Wonka bagged candy

$10/1 Sit 'N Spin

$5/1 Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds
$5/1 Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase
$2/1 Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head

$3/1 Lullaby Gloworm

$5/1 Step Start Walk 'N Ride

$5/1 Playskool Activity Ball

$5/1 Busy Ball Popper Toy

$10/1 Playskool Dance Cam

$5/1 Swing 'N Score Baseball

$5/1 Tumble 'N Twirl Top

$10/1 Dinoroars Stompers
$5/1 Dinoroars Hatchlings

$5/$20 My Little Pony purchase


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