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Friday, October 9, 2009

Ask the Readers - Coupon Questions

I need your help! I will be teaching my first class on couponing in a few weeks at my local MOPS group (yikes!), and I'd love some feedback from you.

  • What are some things that you would like to learn about in a class about couponing?
  • What are some objections to couponing that you or others have come up with?
  • What have you learned about couponing that you think would be helpful to others?
  • If you have checked out my Coupon 101 course, which things were helpful to you?
  • If you were to take a class on couponing, what would you need to walk away with to make it feel worthwhile?
If you could leave a comment or email me with some questions, I'd really appreciate it. I will address them on my blog if I can, and I will also use them as I make up my outline for the class. Thanks for your input! :-)


lroghair said...

I think some of the misconceptions are that it takes too much time, it makes a mess/disorganization, and that you can only get junk food. I think it's great that you're teaching a couponing class. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to go!! Good luck! I want to hear how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I guess my only objection would be, if I am over-buying because I have a coupon or buying something that I normally wouldn't buy just because I have a coupon for it. Coupons are basically ads to get you to buy something you might not otherwise buy.

Maybe share how much you save over a year by using coupons. How much time you spend researching to find coupons, clipping them, printing them and maybe going to more than one store.

By your blog it looks like you go to different stores. Why not just go to Walmart if they match other places coupons?

That's just a couple of things I've wondered about. I do use coupons if it is something I really need and I think people just have to find a level that they're comfortable with.

cookiesandmilk said...

Organization is so necessary I posted my method Oct 4th on my blog. I agree with greeneyed mom about price match at walmart on somethings, but if I have a coupon that can be doubled (none of the stores around me triple coupons) somewhere else making the item cheaper it doesn’t make sense to price match.
People don’t seem to know about P&G, shortcuts, or cellfire so no-fuss that you might as well do it especially if you find cutting coupons too much to start with. Also coupon code searches online before ordering something online is another great way to save.
You seem to do such a great job with couponing (way better than me). I wish my MOPS group would do something on this or I could join with other moms who coupon and swap. I hope you enjoy your demonstration!

Ted said...

I would make a "what 3 (simple) things can I do to make the biggest difference in my budget" slide or topic. Sometimes I think all the different approaches or the organization necessary may seem overwhelming. For the newbie, I would grab 3 simple things you would pass on to your "off-to-college" student or parent who doesn't have much time. Maybe its 1) find a space you can dedicate as stockpiling space, 2) find 1-site that routinely has good internet coupons, 3) find a friend who likes doing it, too.

My $0.02.

Kendra said...

I just did a couponing presentation to my MOPS group in September. One objection I had was a mom who only buys organic and non-processed food. I pointed out that you can save on toilet paper, razors, toothpaste and other non HBA so you can save money to buy more food. We all know that you can get so many of those HBA items free after coupons!! If you want any more advice, let me know!

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