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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double Coupon Day--$36

I was able to scrape together enough deals this week after all! I did three transactions and doubled 15 coupons. My total before coupons and sales was over $114. After coupons my total was $36.23 for 49 items. The cashier looked at my receipts before handing them to me and said, "You saved over $75!" I said, "Isn't it great?" and she replied, "See you next week!" You know it! :-)

As you can see, I won't have to buy pancake mix for awhile! We like to have pancakes every weekend. It's easy to use a boxed mix and then spruce it up by adding some veggie puree. Our favorites are carrot, pumpkin, and sweet potato. I paid $1.40 per box for a brand name, which is better than the generic, even at Aldi, so I did the Quaker deal on all three transactions. There's more than one reason to split up your order into separate transactions--for one, you get to double more coupons, but you can also take advantage of good deals in every transaction as well.

Do you notice anything missing from the above picture? Milk was on sale at Aldi this week, so I bought 4 gallons, as well as 4 pounds of grapes and a few other items. I spent $16 there. I also bought a dozen sweet corn from a natural farmer for $2. That puts my total for the week at around $55. Couponing and doing multiple transactions takes some patience, but when I see the bottom line, it feels worth it! I hope you all had a good week, too!


Angela said...

Looks like you'll be having pancakes for breakfast. :)

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