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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Earn 30 free Swagbucks in September

Search & Win
Have you signed up for Swagbucks yet? If you have, you can get a FREE swagbuck every day in September by downloading the new swagbucks toolbar. This will make it even easier to search and win swagbucks! I've already cashed in for my first $5 Amazon gift card, and I won 3 swagbucks just for doing a search this morning! I usually win one each day, just for doing a search.

I'll admit I was skeptical of Swagbucks at first and didn't sign up until this summer. But I found out that Swagbucks is powered by Google and, so the search results are comparable to using any other search engine. If you haven't signed up yet, click on the Swagbucks icon on the right side of my blog, or just click here. You should also be able to click the icon above. And when you sign up, you will get 3 free swagbucks to start off your account! And if you install the toolbar, you'll be able to get a code each day this month for a total of 30 free swagbucks! You'll already be so close to cashing in for a $5 Amazon prize, plus any other swagbucks you earn for doing searches. Start searching!


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