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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walgreens $5/$25 coupon

A friend asked me yesterday if I'd been to Walgreens lately. I told her I didn't go very much because their Register Rewards (RRs) frustrate me because of all their limitations. She told me about a Theraflu deal she had just done and was excited about. Then I came home and found out about the $5/$25 coupon good through today. I decided to search out some deals and give it a try last night with F in tow (she's a trooper!).

I saw these ideas from Deal Seeking Mom. I knew I would have to improvise, since our store is frequently out of sale items, so I searched out some more Walgreens deals as I made my list, just in case.

Here's what I came up with. I did two transactions. The first was a Fusion razor (cpn), Dentek floss picks (cpn), Robitussin DM, Halls (cpn), Emergen-C, Vaseline lotion, Chapstick, and Cascade (cpn). I used the $5/$25 coupon and my total after coupons was $22.79. I received $25 in RRs.

Transaction #2. I bought Chapstick, Dentek Floss, Vaseline lotion, Caramels, Candy Corn, and 2 dozen eggs. I paid with $13 in RRs from the first transaction, paid $4.71 OOP, and earned $13 in RRs.

My total OOP for both transactions was $27.50 and I still have $25 in RRs left to spend. I'm hoping diapers go on sale next week so I can use them all! :-)

Did you go to Walgreens to take advantage of the $5/$25 coupon and RR deals? If so, leave a comment and let me know how you did!


NeedANap2 said...

According to Baby Cheapskate on 10/4:
next week Huggies jumbos should be 2/$18 at Walgreens less $4 in Register Rewards.

I think your RR should be good thru Tue 10/13. HTH

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That's great, thanks!!

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