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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Groceries This Week

I made a run to Aldi early this week because, believe it or not, we were running out of milk! I kid you not! I bought 5 gallons last week, and Ted and I don't even drink it for every meal, but with the girls each getting 3 cups a day, it goes FAST! We joke that we should get a goat or a cow--we could get free milk and it would mow our lawn for us, too! (of course, then the kids wouldn't be able to play in the backyard for fear of cowpies, but I digress...)

What I don't understand is why everyone else isn't buying this much milk. The girls were getting milk for breakfast and dinner, and usually had juice for lunch. But when we went to the pediatrician for H's six year old checkup, she told me they should be getting 24 ounces of milk a day! Seriously?!? So we upped it to milk for every meal and juice only as an occasional treat. But with all four girls on milk now (since F is one, she is drinking whole milk), we're going through it like water (probably faster than water!). What do all of your pediatricians say? Do ANY of you buy this much milk? It's crazy!

Anyway, back to the grocery runs. So I went to Aldi to get a gallon of milk to hold us till Wednesday, and while I was there I got some good deals on hamburger, chicken, and ham. This meat should last us awhile! :-)

Aldi: $18.83 for 4 items

I also went to Walmart and bought a few items, since my grocery store didn't carry the Chiquita fruit snack packs that I had free coupons for. I also picked up blueberries and tortilla chips.

Walmart: $2.69 for 5 items

Then I did my regular grocery shopping. I only did two transactions this week and doubled 10 coupons. I also used some competitor's coupons that my store honors with it's own store brand. This way I was able to get peanut butter, paper plates, and OJ for $0.98 each and eggs for $0.68. It saved me a trip to the other store, and I also didn't have to buy any of their items (the other store requires a $5 additional purchase to use the coupons). Check with your stores to find out their coupon policies--it might surprise you and you might be able to get more deals than you'd think!
Groceries: $31.18 for 38 items

These items were $1 or less after coupons and/or sales: OJ, peanut butter, paper plates, eggs, chef boyardee and easy mac x2 (which I don't usually buy, but they were all free), Knorr pasta, Yo-Plus yogurt x2, Fiber One yogurt, Kraft cheese x3, mushrooms, bread x5, cream of mushroom soup x2, Eggo bake shop (free).

Overall grocery total this week: $52.70

For the All You Grocery Challenge, I need to subtract $0.98 for the paper plates, so that adjusted total is $51.72.


Cap said...

Women lose calcium in their bones as they get older, so the more they have to start with the less chance they have of getting osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. A lot of kids these days aren't drinking enough milk, I know I'm not, but it's turned on me since I was a kid.

And I was the big milk drinker in my family; my parents would buy four gallons every other week and I'd have it gone sometimes before that and I was just one person. They had to adjust their milk buying habits after I left home because they were throwing so much out. So, yeah, there are families that buy that much milk, maybe you just don't see them.


cookiesandmilk said...

We need to drink more milk! I have heard that alot of people are not only calcium deficient they are also vitamin D deficient. (hopefully multivitamins will fill in those gaps at my house)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Funny you should bring up the Vitamin D deficiency...I was just at the OB a couple weeks ago and told her I usually only drink 1 cup of milk a day. She said I can also get calcium from yogurt and cheese and other things, which I do eat, but that you can only get Vit D from milk or a supplement. I told her I take a multivitamin, but she said for Vitamin D, you would need a specific D supplement, not just a multivitamin. OR just drink more milk!

Coupon Teacher said...

Wow! Your shopping trips look great!

Angie said...

As I was growing up, my Dad was a milkman... seriously!! And we used to get FRESH, FREE milk... didn't appreciate it then like I would now!!

Angela said...

We only drink about a gallon of milk each week for a family of four. I have a post coming up in the next few weeks that explains why.

My calcium and vitamin D levels are great checked twice.

The only reason we drink even that much is because we have too much free cereal. :)

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