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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did you get your free food from Schwan's?

New customers can get $10 of free food from Schwan's delivered to their door! No obligation, but only to the first 500,000 people, so get it before it's gone! I ordered a 2 lb bag of Six Cheese Tortellini (serves 9) which was $9.99, and the total came to $0 with free delivery!

Click here and then click the link. Enter your zip code and then it should say "Congratulations" and then click "start shopping" to browse. Put something that is $10 or less into your cart (of course you can order something for more than $10 and just pay the difference). When you've decided, click checkout and then it will tell you to register for an account. Enter your information (no credit card needed) and then click on your cart again and your item should still be there. Click checkout and confirm all the info, pick a delivery day (someone will need to be home all day unless you want to pay for a $4.99 freezer bag), and continue hitting "submit" making sure that your total is $0 (my parents had to pay $0.02 for sales tax because they live in a different state). That should be it!

Yay for free food and easy meal prep! :-)


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