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Monday, February 8, 2010

Huggies Deal is Rolling!

I told you last week about the great Huggies deal at Walgreens--$3.99 a pack after coupons and Register Rewards. Well it gets better, because at least for the time being, this deal is ROLLING! That means that you are able to buy a pack, get a $3 RR, and then do another transaction and buy another pack (and a filler item), use your RR to lower your OOP, and earn another $3 RR. It doesn't usually work this way (as I explained in my earlier post), but at least for now, it is working! I can't guarantee that it will be working all week, or even that it will be working at your store, but it may be worth a try! People at Common Sense With Money are reporting in the comments if theirs are rolling, and so far everyone's are.

I did 6 transactions (I had some coupons from a mailer and also from a friend--thanks Jaci!) and just kept using the RR that printed, along with a coupon, and I had a filler item for each transaction (eggs x4 and toothbrushes x2--on clearance for $1.09 and perfect for shoeboxes!). Another filler idea is some cheap valentine pencils.

If you haven't printed the $2 off coupons yet, it looks like you can still do so (using FF, print here; using IE, print here). Remember, you can print 2 per computer. If you don't need them, either hand off the coupons to a mom who will use them, or use them yourself to get some cheap diapers for a gift or to donate to a church or shelter.


Becky said...

My "save $7" catalina from the Unilever promotion says the offer expires on 2/10, and the catalina expires on 2/20. Would you go back and do the Unilever deal again? I think I've been trying to redeem too many coupons and spending too much in the process. Also, the Wisconsin Ave Copps didn't take my Festival coupons on Saturday. You're probably already aware of that.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

No, I don't plan on doing Unilever again--the products were on sale last week and I don't see them on sale this week so it wouldn't be as good a deal. I plan to do the General Mills/Pillsbury fuel deal in at least one transaction, which will likely use most of my coupons.

I'm trying to limit myself to 2-3 transactions most weeks to keep my total low. You're right, it's tempting to do more transactions to double more coupons, but if you aren't saving money in the process, then it defeats the purpose! Hopefully we'll have more super double days!

Yes, I know they stopped accepting competitor's coupons. Oh well! It was good while it lasted!

Sara said...

Thanks for the tips, Jessica. I just did my first Walgreens transaction ever using coupons and register rewards. The rewards are rolling in Paris Texas. It also helped to have a cashier who knew the system. Now I'll have to remember to use up the 3 dollars I "earned"...any tips on keeping track of those? Can I use them on photos?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

You can use them on photos or anything else (eggs, milk, I think maybe even prescriptions). I put my RRs in front of my credit cards so I will be sure to use them--I see them every time I open my wallet!

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

Thanks for the heads up. I went back tonight and bought another pack of diapers and it worked. Also got my FREE Oreos and BOGO eggs which was a great deal this week with the sale. I'll dish more about it on my blog! TTYS. :)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I went back to my Walgreens last night to use some $1 coupons I used for the Huggies deal, and the cashier said if I used the Huggies RR and another one printed out (because they are still rolling), she would throw it away right in front of me! How rude! I'm starting to get fed up with this particular Walgreens, which is frustrating because it's the closest to my house.

I went to another Walgreens down the road and that lady let me roll them. She told me it might not work, but it did, so she let me do 4 transactions back to back. So I guess it depends on your cashier!

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