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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Catalina Deal

Since I bought a Jell-O Mousse yesterday, I got notification about a Jell-O catalina promotion going from 2/12 to 3/7.

Buy any refrigerated Jell-O Snack product and save up to $3 OYNO:
Buy 2, get $1
Buy 3, get $2
Buy4, get $3

Includes any refrigerated Jell-O Mousse, Pudding, or Gelatin snacks. I don't normally buy these items because I rarely find coupons for them, but maybe if they go on sale? We'll have to keep our eyes peeled, and let me know if you find a good scenario at Kroger or Roundy's for this promotion.


Erin Rose said...

I had to buy Jello yesterday for my hubby has he was on a clear liquid diet for a couple days. He asked where we should get the Jello, Target or Rainbow. I immediately said Target thinking their prices would be cheaper.

Little did I know that their price was $2.50 at Rainbow vs $2.87 at Target. I had a 50cent/1 coupon that I could have doubled at Rainbow.

And then I found out about the Jello cat deal. I know it was just a dollar or so difference between the deal at Rainbow and the regular price at Target, but I was still bummed.

I could have gotten my 2 Jellos at Rainbow for $4 adc and got $1 cat. Instead I paid $5.74 at Target.

The 50cent coupon I think came from All You but I am not certain. I have gotten many misc coupons lately in magazines.

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