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Friday, February 5, 2010

Reader Questions--Printable Tips

There were several people who emailed me saying they had problems printing the Huggies coupons. There are two different addresses to print off coupons. One is for users of Internet Explorer (IE) and the other is for users of Firefox (FF). I primarily use Firefox. If there is ever a coupon that won't print, check the address on the coupon page between the = signs. For Firefox it will be "wg&o" or "vg&o". For Explorer you would just have to make the change to "wi&o" or "vi&o". Of course, the opposite may also be true--for Firefox users, you can make the opposite change. This will be the case with MANY coupons, because it doesn't always recognize automatically which browser you are using.

I was also asked why I don't post the matches for coupons in the Sunday inserts when I post weekly matches for Kroger and Roundy's. There are a few reasons why I have chosen to only post current printable coupon matches.

  • The printable coupons are almost ALWAYS higher value than in the Sunday inserts. They can save you much more money in the long run, especially when doubled. This is the biggest reason I use mostly printables, and just a few from the inserts and All You.
  • Coupon inserts vary by city and region, so my inserts often don't have the same coupons or the same values as I see listed on other blogs. I got WAY too frustrated after coupon-matching at other blogs--they'd say to look for a coupon in "X" SmartSource or RedPlum insert to match with some great deal--I'd go to my inserts and it seemed like 90% of the time the coupon wasn't there or was a lower value. I also don't save my inserts--I clip 'em and recycle 'em--so I have no way of knowing whether our region got a particular coupon and I don't want to frustrate others.
  • People who don't have a coupon stash at all or don't get the Sunday inserts can come here and print off some coupons and still save money that day at the store. Others can go through their coupon stash and find more matches, but they might be different than mine.
I hope that helps explain my reasoning. :-) Keep the questions coming!! I love to answer them, and often it spurs me to write a post I've been meaning to for awhile anyway!


Daphne said...

I felt the same way as you mentioned in your post about looking for so many coupons (for match ups) that I didn't have in my stash.

I don't know where you live, or what papers are available there, but I decided to do an experiment where I live here in Madison, WI. I checked out the papers from Milwaukee and Chicago (but was $3) which I could pick up here in town, and found inserts in both, and the Chicago paper having most of the ones listed in the match ups. Therefore, I'm going to try and start collecting those papers too.

I typed the inserts for all three, for one week, if you want to check them out.

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