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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekly Shopping--They Paid Me AGAIN!

I'm sure this isn't going to be a regular occurrence, but I got paid at the grocery store AGAIN this week! (It happened for the first time 2 weeks ago.) Again, I told the cashier I would use the catalina next week, but she said it was no problem to use it now. The lady behind me was impressed, and the cashier said, "yeah, and she does this every week." I said, "but I don't get paid every week!" After she handed me $3.35 from the register, a $2 OYNO catalina printed out (for the Pillsbury Grands). She said, "this expires in 2 weeks, but I know that won't be a problem for you since I'll see you next week!" You know it! :-)

In the interest of time, the girls helped me unpack my groceries, so everything is all in one picture. I went to three stores (it still only took me 1 1/2 hours, which is how long I normally spend shopping, especially if I am doing multiple transactions). Among all 3 stores, I spent a total of $33.87. My average savings at the two grocery stores was 81%. I got mostly produce and milk at Aldi, did two transactions at my regular store (which is where I got paid on my 2nd transaction), and got some coupon loss leaders at a local grocery store (since my store stopped accepting their coupons--oh well--it was a good run!).I had some coupons that were mailed to me from ConAgra, so I did the ConAgra catalina deal (buy $15, get $5 OYNO). After doubled coupons and catalina, I paid $0.26 TOTAL for Hunts tomato Sauce x5, Hunts diced tomatoes x4, Ro*Tel tomatoes x3, Van Camps baked beans x4, Egg Beaters (free ADC), and Fleischmans butter x2 (free ADC). That's like 1.5 cents per item!

These items were free: Pace salsa x2 (better than free--won the coupons from playing the sweeps--it was on sale for $3 and each coupon took off the full $4), Jell-O Mousse (free coupon from my SIL), Pillsbury Grands (better than free after coupons and catalina), Beech Nut baby food x3 (better than free--the cashier asked if my youngest was still on baby food at 19 months, but I told her that we always add veggie puree to our pancakes and since I had a coupon, I bought it--usually I make my own puree). Also, most of the ConAgra products I mentioned above were free.

These items were $1 or less: Broccoli, Carrots, Quaker oatmeal x2, Garlic bread loaves x3, Creamette pasta, Pop Secret popcorn x2, tortillas x4, chili beans, tortilla chips, eggs, 1/2 gallon chocolate milk, tuna x3, whole wheat english muffins, brown mustard, sausages.

The lady behind me said I must spend A LOT of time doing this. I probably spend more time than the average "Jane", since I peruse the ads, print coupons, and make a list, but really it isn't much time at all when you consider how much I save every week. If my "part-time job" of couponing takes me 2-1/2 hours a week and pays an average of $45 an hour, I consider it to be a good use of my time! :-)

Edited Friday to add: I stopped at one more grocery store to pick up their loss leaders because I decided to make a batch of my homemade yogurt and they had a gallon of milk for $0.99. So I spent $7.26 on eggs, milk, 32 oz plain yogurt (for a starter), Kraft mac n cheese x3, and butter, making my overall total for the week $41.13.

Has couponing proven to be a good use of your time?
Did you snag any good deals this week?
I like to hear from you, so please leave a comment!


Mercedes said...

Awesome job Jessica!! WoW! I am in AWE!


Lene said...

Nice job Jessica!
To answer your question: 'Has couponing proven a good use of your time? The answer is yes! I am spending less and less time putting a shopping list together. The matchups I find on your blog and others are most helpful, but I notice I am getting better at them myself! Even my husband is impressed. I don't spend time figuring out deals on products I don't need though. For example: I don't need anything 'tomato'! I have about 50 quarts of tomatoes and tomato sauce canned. So I didn't take time figuring out the conagra catalina, even though I have the coupons and probably could have gotten all of that for free. Same with the pillsbury catalina. I don't want my family to eat them (all the time) :)(Trying to limit processed foods.)

PS. Bought my milk at Piggly Wiggly this week as they have it on sale (with coupon) for .99

Heidi Maranell said...

So two weeks ago, I decided I would force myself to change my grocery shopping to Wednesday night. For the past two weeks, I have hit Walmart and PNS on Wednesday evening. Two weeks ago, I had much better double coupons and shopping - I did 2 transactions. Last night I only had coupons for 1 transaction. It was still pretty good, but not as good as the first time. I recently joined emealz (recommended by Dave Ramsey website) which has helped me come up with some new meal ideas. But now I'm trying to work in some of those ideas, start a stockpile, AND buy from the sales each week. It's a challenge! :)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Good for you for trying to make the switch! If you change the way you think about grocery shopping and keep at it, I'm SURE you will see your grocery bill drop. Just give it some time and don't give up! Let me know if I can help at all. :-)

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

Kudos Ms. Jessica!!! You never fail to impress. :) I've been doing really good. You really helped me jump start my 'couponing career' LOL. Once you get the hang of it (aren't we always still getting the hang of it?!), it is just a matter of planning. People think it is such a waste of time. I think those are the people who go to the store without a list or looking at store ads ahead of time. Keep up the great work!

Angela said...

Let me know if there are any coupons I can save for you. I still look through them all, but can definitely save some for you and mail them out.

I know you like the fiber one yogurt coupons, but if there's anything you want me to keep my eyes open for, just let me know. :)

Mommy Petersen said...

Nice work AGAIN!

I'm a week behind in ads (my sale week runs Tuesday-Wednesday)so you've got me looking forward to next week! This week (for me)in my best transaction I combined the Pilsbury and GM catalina and gas rebate deals. I spent $10.14 after coupons and sales and got back a $4 Pillsbury cat and a $5 gas card rebate. So...$1.14 oop for 6 pillsbury products, 3 boxed dinners and 1 frozen smoothie mix.

Ahhh...Coupons are one of life's little joys, aren't they?! :)

Kierst said...

Wow that is great that they keep paying you!!! Its crazy that they let you do that I didnt think they ever would!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That would be awesome if you would be willing to save some coupons for me! I'll email you.

Mommy Peterson-
Great job on that shopping trip!!

Patty said...

I saved alot of money at the Pig a couple of weeks ago. I bought 3 bottles total of Suave lotion and body wash, 2 bags of shredded cheese and a gallon of milk and only spent $2.50. I had in-store coupons and a Catalina for $4 there, so that is why. This does not happen very often, but knew you would be proud of me as well as my husband. I have been sending him on Wednesdays to Pick N Save and he is getting a Rush on saving money. Thanks for your encouragement!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That's awesome, Patty!! Keep it up, and glad hubby is getting into it, too! :-)

Kevin said...

Sweet - always good to get paid! Even if it was only $3 it's like walking out a big winner!! Congrats :)

Saving Addiction said...

Wow!! Again! I saw it last time aslo! That is crazy!! Great job!!

Andrea said...

Well done! And people constantly complain about how "Expensive" Roundy's is....not if you know how to work the system!

This week looks good for you all too - I'm a week behind you, and I'm super excited again. ;)

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