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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bonus Swag Code for New Members!

Did you get in on any bonus codes yesterday or win any swagbucks? I did! I won 30 by doing searches (10x3), and I think I got 64 in bonus swag codes. Apparently there were 121 in bonus swag codes around, but I'm not on twitter or facebook and I don't have the toolbar installed, but that's okay! To get 94 swagbucks in one day was fun! That's the equivalent of 9.4 in the old system (everything got multiplied by 10), which is more than I've ever gotten in one day.

BUT WAIT! The party's not over quite yet! I got a special code for new sign-ups! If you haven't tried Swagbucks before, sign up here and then enter code MOMFORHIM to get 60 Swagbucks instead of 30 to start you out!! You'll be well on your way to earning some FREE gift cards just for searching! (I redeem mine for $5 Amazon and $5 Paypal.)


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