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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Big Red" Commercials

Do you remember the Big Red gum commercials from the 80s? Ted didn't immediately remember, but I was able to sing the whole thing to jog his memory. Those jingle-writers were clever! Just for fun, click here to watch the 80s version of the Big Red commercial, and don't miss the kid from A Christmas Story--he's the one with the tuba! Does it bring back any memories?

Last week I was watching a show on Hulu and during the commercial heard the familiar jingle with different words--for Verizon! It was for their "Big Red" 3G network, in their battle with "Big Blue", which is apparently AT&T. Click here to watch the new Verizon commercial, which has several throwbacks to the original commercial.

Silly, but the memories made me smile and I wanted to share! :-)


legendswife said...

Love the post: I headed over to the link you placed there, and I just finished watching 5 minutes of 80's commercials.

God Bless

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