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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Win-Win!

Our master bathroom needed to be repainted. We painted it red with white trim a couple years ago, but it was too much and we needed a change. While the girls and I were visiting my parents, Ted came home to work for a week. During his evenings, he decided to repaint our bathroom. (What a guy!)

He went to the store and bought "Beachwalk", which was supposed to look like a light yellow sandy color. Unfortunately, it ended up looking like a 70's yellow. Not good. (But I give him lots of credit for trying!)

So it needed to be painted again. This time we decided to go more toward the tan end of the spectrum, with less yellow. We picked "Warm Caramel".

On Friday night, Ted was lamenting having to get up the energy to have to paint the bathroom again. He wasn't complaining, just praying for the energy to get it done on Saturday. So I offered to paint. "Really?!" he asked. I said, "hey, if you are going to watch the kids all day, I'll give it my best shot!"

He was practically walking on air and kept thanking me over and over again for being willing to paint. I kept thinking, is he kidding? I get to be in a room all by myself for most of the day, listening to Christian radio, while he polices the kids. Sounds like a no-brainer to me! (Don't get me wrong, I do love my girls, but you stay-at-home moms know what I mean, right?)

But for him, he got to spend Saturday with the girls, having fun playing and wrestling and splashing in the backyard, while I "slaved away" upstairs on a mundane task.

It was a win-win situation. I got a little bit of a break while being able to actually complete something that I got to work on by myself (okay, mostly by myself. All day the girls kept coming up asking to help me, and I did let them each have a few turns with brushes and rollers, even if it did cause me a little more stress.) And he didn't have to work on a Saturday, he just got to spend time with his girls! He keeps asking me, "what can I set you up to paint next?" :-)


Jessica B said...

That is a win/win. I offer to mow the lawn all the time for the same reasons. (And you can't mess a freshly mowed lawn)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Good call, Jessica B! We just got a new (used) lawnmower, so maybe I can offer to mow like you do! I was able to start this one on the 2nd pull, where I couldn't start our old one.

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