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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All You Challenge-Week 1 Recap

We've finished the first week of the All You Grocery Challenge. Since we were on vacation, we spent more on eating out this weekend as we were driving back. We ate breakfast before leaving on Saturday and then had a continental breakfast at the hotel on Sunday morning. Our lunches and dinners were at fast food places. We saved money by not ordering drinks (we normally don't anyway), ordering off the dollar menus (which we usually do anyway) and supplementing with snacks in the car. We try not to eat too much when we are on the road because we aren't really getting much exercise, so if we eat too much, we end up getting "yucky tummies". Here's the breakdown of our eating out this weekend.

Lunch at Cook Out: $16.24
Mocha at McDonalds: $2.96 (Ted needs some coffee on the road and it's a treat to get a yummy mocha. He used to get his traveling treats at Starbucks, but he's found that the mochas at McD's are good and over $1 less.)
Dinner at McDonald's: $7.93
Lunch at Taco Bell: $11.26
Mocha at McDonalds: $3.63
Dinner at McDonalds: $6.35

Eating Out: $48.37
Groceries: $15.37
Total for Week 1 (July 13-19): $63.74

This is well under our family's All You allotment of $150 a week, but is just about right on according to our normal expenses. Since we were on vacation, we spent less on groceries and more on eating out and it almost evened out.

Are you participating in this challenge? If so, how did you do?


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