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Monday, July 27, 2009

Locks of Love--G's Turn!

G's hair has always been long. Well, she was born basically bald like all our babies (just like their parents were), but her hair grew the fastest of all our girls and she had a decent ponytail by age 1. I've given her several trims and I even cut bangs for her a year-and-a-half ago (which we then let grow out), but today was her first haircut at a salon. I took her to Great Clips because they give free haircuts if you donate your hair to Locks of Love, and they even mail in the ponytail.

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children who are suffering from long-term or permanent medical hair loss. My dad lost his hair due to chemotherapy this year, so she has an idea of what medical hair loss can be like. When we told G that some little girls get sick like Grampie and don't have any hair, she thought it was a good idea to share her hair with a little girl. Hair donations must be at least 10 inches long.

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you might remember that H donated her hair to Locks of Love last year around this time. Now it was G's turn, and she knew what to expect. She was excited about having short hair like H! Bye-bye, long hair!Hello short hair!She looks very cute, but now it is harder to tell H and G apart out of the corner of your eye. And now M has the longest hair in our family, though H's is growing fast and is a close second!


Jennie said...

I LOVE the haircut, G. And I pray that your locks are loved by a special little girl out there.

Angela said...

Ashley has wanted to do this for some time, but I didn't know they only needed 10 inches. That would leave her with plenty of hair! She wanted to keep her hair long...but still donate. Hmmm.... I'm going to see about going today! Thanks for the post

Amber said...

That is so awesome, thanks for sharing the pictures.
She does look a lot more like H now.

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