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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Mohawk

I just had to show you a picture of F's hairdo. (If you subscribe through email, you may need to click through to my blog to see the pictures.) F has a double whorl on the back of her head, so her hair swirls away from the middle and stands up like a baby mohawk! There is nothing I can do, it just sticks straight up! Everywhere we go, people love to touch her sticking-up hair. One day a little girl saw her hair and said, "look, she has static electricity!" Nope, it's not static electricity, it looks like that all the time. You should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger and you'll be able to see her mohawk against the black background.

Here is a picture of her double whorl when she was 3 months old as well as a picture of it now. Let's hope that as her hair grows longer it will learn to lay down!


Angela said...

All your babies had the whorl, right? I can't even remember if mind did or not.

Anonymous said...

I remembered reading about F's double whorl awhile ago, but never thought about applying it to my children.

Well, I have just recently noticed that Z has a double whorl too! His hair sticks up just like F's!!! (we call him "spike" sometimes). T has a clockwise whorl and is mostly left-handed, but probably considered somewhat ambidexterous.(matching your research) So, we will see what happens with S. His is clockwise too!

Thanks for all of your research!!

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