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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week's Groceries

I had fun on double coupon day again! Honestly, it is such a rush for me that I can start shopping with a splitting headache and it will be gone when I am finished, even if I do four separate transactions in one hour! This might be the opposite for some of you, I realize! ;-) I know not everyone enjoys couponing, but I find it very rewarding to be saving our family so much money in this way.

We returned from a three week vacation on Sunday night. Our refrigerator was pretty bare, so I made a quick run to Aldi for a few staples to tide us over until my big shopping day on Wednesday. Because I shop ahead and keep food in the pantry and freezer, we had plenty of food on hand. Milk, eggs and fresh fruit were the biggest needs, so that's what we picked up. The girls all really like sliced ham, too, so I picked that up as well to use for lunches. My total at Aldi was $11.37.

I did four separate transactions at the grocery store on Wednesday in order to maximize my coupon savings. Because I take the time to do this, I am able to shave SO much off of our bill. I also try to shop mainly for the things that are on sale, which helps us save even more.

I was able to get these items for FREE: Dawn soap x3, Cascade rinse agent, Kellogg's cereal x5, Jennie-O ground turkey

These items were less than $1: Hunt's pudding x3, taco seasoning x2, Ronzoni pasta x2, Pasta Roni x10 (the girls favorite), Eggo Bake Shop x3, Capri Sun, bananas, lettuce, Kraft sliced cheese x4

These items were more than $1 but were on sale or I had a coupon that made them a great deal: ground beef, strawberries x2, red grapes, asparagus, Redi-Whip, Dannon yogurt x2, milk x4, deli ham

My total after sales and before coupons was over $100 (before the sale prices I think it was more like $130). My total after coupons was $49.73 for 50 items! Gotta love that!

What kind of deals did you snag this week?


Anonymous said...

don't forget about the fuel for school rebate at if you buy 10 kelloggs items you get a rebate check for $10.00 you can print out the rebate form at the kelloggs website you also get a discount for dell computer as well

Anonymous said...

It seems like the reason you don't spend a lot is that all your family eats is processed foods. I see about one serving of vegetables for each family member in your photographs.
At what cost are you "saving" all this money?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

It's true that our family doesn't eat organic or special foods, which keeps our cost lower. However, we do serve fruits and vegetables. What you don't see in the picture is the frozen veggies I have stockpiled in my freezer. I buy fresh when it is on sale and we use from the freezer to supplement. We also get some from our garden. Keep in mind also that my kids are little, so their servings are smaller (and I admit, they are pickier about veggies than I'd prefer--we're working on it!)

Milk Donor Mama said...

Gosh that person was mean!

I shop the same way, so each weekly trip may look a little funny, but as one would see when reading my meal plans, they are well balanced.

I also wanted to say, nearly everything that is available to purchase is "processed". Unless you only eat raw whole fruits and vegetables along with milk directly from your goat or cow and grains from your own farm that you hand milled, you are going to buy "processed". Wheat is "processed" into flour. Apples are "processed" into sauce. Milk is "processed" into yogurt.

So if you have 100 acres of farm to grow grain, plus an orchard of fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a chicken coop and pasture for meat and eggs, a pasture for cattle or goats, ... that is the reality!

Oh and I have a Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology so I know a thing or two about what poor dietary habits, and so on and so forth, do to the body.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Thanks for backing me up, Milk Donor Mama! I hear this objection to couponing a lot, and it's mostly because people don't realize that they can save money and still eat balanced meals.

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