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Friday, September 3, 2010

Locks of Love Take 3

We've started what seems to be an end of summer ritual here, donating ponytails to Locks of Love! H donated her hair for the first time two years ago and G donated her long hair last summer. This summer we had TWO girls who were able to donate their hair, M for the first time and H for the second time! You can take one last look at their long hair in their "birthday" pictures here.

This was M's VERY first haircut! I've never taken a scissors to her beautiful long hair. She had just a little bit of delicate wavy curls at the bottom, and I was so afraid that if I trimmed it, they'd be gone forever, leaving her with stick-straight hair like her mama. She was very excited to get her hair cut, though, since she had seen both H and G donate their long ponytails in previous years. They gave her some layers, and it's a really cute bob cut. She likes it, can you tell?!? :-)

H has been patiently growing her hair out for 2 years, and it was finally long enough to donate for a second time! This was her first professional haircut, since the last time she donated her ponytail, I just cut it at home. I found out right after I did it myself that Great Clips will cut your hair for FREE if you are donating it to Locks of Love, and they'll even mail in your ponytail for you! H didn't want layers, she said she likes it all one length (not that she knows any different), so I didn't push her on it. She likes having it shorter again, and it looks really cute on her!

Now they both have fresh looks for fall!


Leys said...

Your girls have such beautiful hair (long or short!) :o)
Avery's hair grows sooooo.. slowly, it's still fairly short. Funny because when I was 2 or 3 I had hair down to my bottom!

thesavingmomparents said...

It's so cool that you do things like this and your girls look really cute.

Patty said...

Both girls look great with their new Do. How many inches do you have to have to donate?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Hair needs to be 10 inches to donate, but I found out that Great Clips will also send in 8 inches--Locks of Love will sell the hair to cover expenses if it isn't long enough to make into a wig.
Here is Locks of Love's website:

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

Awesome Jessica! We were just talking about me doing this. I gave up expensive hair cuts after I became a sahm. Oh how I miss them, but I can't justify spending $40 on a haircut. :( Now I go way too long between cuts. Way too long. Locks of Love too long lol. You should email some more info. Thanks! Have a great weekend.


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