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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Becoming Swimdresses Review

Don't you hate shopping for swimsuits?!? I DO! It seems all swimsuits available in stores show more skin than I'd like, especially after having 5 girls! And because I have 5 girls, I've been thinking a lot about modesty lately, and how to model that for them.

We talk about modesty in our clothing choices, but it seems most of that flies right out the window once you put on a swimsuit. Either the neckline is too low or the legs are cut too high, or any number of things in between. I went looking for modest swimwear and came across Becoming Swimdresses. They are so unlike any other swimwear I have ever seen that I had to try them! I contacted Sandi about doing a review, and she graciously agreed. I've never been so excited about getting a swimsuit before!

Becoming Swimdresses come in three styles for women and in different colors and fabrics. I chose the Stella design because I like the high neckline, which takes out the worry of excessive cleavage. My swimdress fits well, and doesn't feel tight. In fact, I think there is room with the stretchy material that I could wear it even while pregnant (no, I don't have an announcement to make!). I love the idea of not having to shop for a new swimsuit even if I gain or lose a little weight. The under-swimsuit is one piece, from the neckline down to the capris. Then there is a mesh dress overlay that helps hide some "curves" and makes the swimdress look elegant. I feel more confident wearing this swimdress than I have felt wearing a swimsuit for many years!

Yes, but how does it act in the water with all that fabric? I can't believe I'm going to do this, but here is a vlog of me in a swimsuit so you can see for yourself! (Click through to my blog to see the video.) As you can see, the swimdress flows easily in the water and doesn't drag at all. I felt just as free to move as in any other swimsuit. The mesh does cling when getting out of the water, but you just shake it out a few times and it dries within a few minutes.

Sandi also sent us 4 swimdresses for the girls. One of my daughters has a long torso, so regular swimsuits come down too low on her chest. Another problem with regular swimsuits is that they "ride up" in the back. Both of these issues (chest and back) are NOT an issue with the girls' Becoming Swimdresses! They come up high on the chest and they are one piece with shorts under the dress, so nothing rides up. My girls love them! I even like the cute orange print, which will make them EASY to spot at the pool or beach. The girls' swimdresses are $29 each and currently come in sizes 2-7. Sandi is working on bigger sizes and also another design for the girls.

Sandi is great to work with. Shipping is free and she offers a 100% guarantee! Her women's swimdresses are on sale now for $61.95. Coordinating sleeves are only $14 if you want to have a cover-up for going to and from the pool, or to make it look even more like a dress. The Becoming Swimdresses are an innovative product, and I thank Sandi for allowing me to do a review!

I received a Becoming Swimdress for myself and 4 for the girls for doing this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

WoW! I really Love these! I posted her site on my facebook page. I love the end of her video when the older lady walks up to her and she talks about the swimdress. I may get one. Thanks for the heads up on this.
LisaMarie Knapp

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review on the swim dress! This is something I am really interested in - especially with a pool at our house. I tend to be embarassed when getting out of the pool in even a one piece because of it pulling down in front and riding up in the back. Usually, I wear a pair of shorts to help "cover up" the problem areas I have. This swim dress seems to cover all the bases.

Karen VandenBush

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