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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comedy Of Errors

Sometimes I feel like my days are a comedy of errors and I just have to laugh at myself. Do you ever feel that way? (I mean feeling like your days are like that, not feeling like you have to laugh at me--though I suppose you may!) :-)

Last time we went to the doctor for J's checkup, it was pouring rain outside. The girls and I ran inside, sopping wet. I forgot the diaper bag in the car and had to run back out, then back in. We had our appointment and I left after the doctor said we were good to go. I got all the way back home before realizing that we had left BEFORE getting J's shots. Back to the doctor in the pouring rain, all of us back inside, get the shots, back outside, still sopping wet, and back home. Whew!

We just had another checkup for J, and again it was pouring rain outside (do we live in Seattle or something?). We were parked right near the door, and I told the girls to make a run for it while I got the baby out of the car. G slipped and fell in a pile of mud and sat there crying, getting even more wet. I got her and the rest of the girls inside the doors of the office and told them to wait while I ran back to the car for clean pants and underwear. In between the doors of the office, the girls wiped their muddy feet. Then I struggled to hold the door open for them while holding the baby, the diaper bag, and the clean clothes, all while dripping wet. I notice the people in the office (receptionists and other moms) watching our fiasco and smiling. We must have been a sight!

"Boy, you sure have your hands full!" the receptionist says. No truer words.

"Yes," I say with a smile and a chuckle, while thinking "Anyone want to help me with the door, maybe?"

We get checked in and head to the bathroom, where I try to get G cleaned up, which involves stripping her entirely, since even her shirt is muddy and wet. I get her in clean pants and underwear and try to wipe off her jacket so she can wear it since her shirt is muddier than her jacket (how did that happen?). Then I try to mop up the floor and clean out the sink. When we open the door the nurse is waiting to take us back (no idea how long she was waiting, but we were in the bathroom for quite awhile!).

Once we were in the exam room, I start stripping baby J for her checkup when F starts crying because she left her breakfast (cereal in a container) in the bathroom. H leaves to find it, but comes back empty-handed because she can't find the bathroom. G says she knows where it is so she leaves. She comes back and says she found the bathroom but it wasn't in there. After baby's height and weight check, I quickly check the bathroom and find it (G had gone to the wrong bathroom).

After J's checkup and shots, I start to feed her because she's screaming. After a few minutes, I shift our position only to find blood all over both of us (my hands and pants and both of our shirts) because she soaked through the bandaid. I send H to find a nurse to ask for a new bandaid and we try to clean me up while I'm still feeding the baby. The nurse apologizes, but I say, "don't worry, I have to wash G's muddy clothes anyway. I'll just throw the bloody clothes in too! :-)

By 10:30am it feels like it's been a whole day! I just had to laugh--at least I had a good attitude about it today. (I already had my day of crying this week!) It feels like this comedy of errors is my life lately, but I wouldn't trade it. I found this shirt that says, "Hands full? True, but my heart is too!"

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a morning. Its been awhile since people have said I have my hands full. There's a boy in my first graders class and he is the oldest of 5 boys. Made me think of your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I can remember the trials and challenges when my 2 kids were young and I needed to get them to places (on time, with their clothes/shoes on correctly, etc.) and something just didn't go as expected.

That shirt really sums it up to what being a mommy is all about!

Karen VandenBush

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessica! How I understand! I do not understand what it is about going from 4 to 5 that makes us feel like we don't just live in a zoo, but now a whirling jungle! I usually would laugh at this post today, but I think it hit home. I find myself oscilating between "thank you God for your grace!" and "Oh, God, please bring your grace more tangibly today!" I guess this is just one phase of our pilgrimage.

Donna said...

I read your blog about the doc appt in horror, but while laughing b/c it doesn't seem possible for all that to go wrong in one day. Praise God you had a good attitude about it!

Lisa said...

Honey you ave a heart of gold cause I think I would have sat down and cried…..although my crying day was yesterday. J I am glad others have cry days too.

I am disappointed at the other Mom’s at the doctor’s office. They should have helped because they know what it’s like.

I hope today is wonderful for you.

Cindy said...

Been there before. You would think the nurses would get up to actually hold the door??? LOL.

Drew said...

Why do trips to the pediatrician's office seem to go like that? I am glad that God gave you the grace to laugh about the whole experience.

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