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Sunday, September 26, 2010


A few days ago, we were having one of those typical evening meltdowns. . .

You know the ones, where you're trying to make dinner, the kids are melting down, and daddy's not home yet? :-)

Pots were threatening to boil over on the stove and the baby was crying. G was doing her best to help. I was managing, but barely, and was a teeny bit stressed.

G: (in a dramatic but serious tone) Mommy, we need to pray, that's all we can do.
Me: You're absolutely right, honey, let's do that.

We both prayed, silently and out loud. I felt better. :-) But life continued, and baby J kept crying while I kept tending dinner and running back and forth between the two, doing the best I could. G was trying to soothe her, as she usually does.

The next thing I know, G is sobbing.

G: (between deep sobs) Baby, I'm sorry! I just don't know what else to do for you!

Oh, my dearest. She has such a tender heart and feels so deeply.

G: (still sobbing, while I hug her and hold baby who continues crying) Mommy, why does she need to cry so much?

Yes, this is what being a mommy is like sometimes, and I think G got a taste of it that day. Sometimes everyone else is losing it and you're hanging on by the grace of God. And sometimes you lose it, too, and just need to have a good cry.


Lana said...

I wish we lived closer. I'd have come over and helped you!

katyshaffer said...

this remind me how innocent children are and how mimic and learn (since they are watching us every minute)
it shows what a loving mom you are!!!

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