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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spending- 6/17/09

This week's overall total is higher because I bought diapers at Target and produce at Aldi, in addition to my regular double coupon day grocery trip where I did 4 transactions. My before-coupons total at the grocery store was over $108. After coupons: $55.15! And that doesn't include sale savings!

At the grocery store, the cereal deal was even better than I thought because this time the coupons took off the full $3.50 per gallon of milk, even though milk was only $1.99! So when all was said and done, after doubled coupons and sales, I ended up paying $0.67 for 6 boxes of cereal AND 2 gallons of milk! The cookie dough deal coupon took off $3.25 for the milk, so for that deal I paid $0.74 for 2 cookie doughs AND a gallon of milk! This is one of the ways couponing can save you money on items that don't usually have coupons, like milk. Another nice surprise was a $1 off your next order coupon ($1 OYNO catalina--blog lingo) from Kraft that printed after one of my orders, which I used on my next transaction. I don't know what I bought that got me that offer, but I was happy to use it! The cookie dough and milk was a "sweet" deal, but now I have to return the cookie doughs because of the Nestle recall. It's a bummer, but it'll help me with my waistline and my wallet, since now I ended up making money on this transaction after free milk and coupons!

Aldi: $5.01 (8 items)
Target: $22.53 (8 items) (submit for $2.25 Caregivers Marketplace rebate)
Groceries: $55.15 (51 items)
I have to return 3 Nestle cookie doughs due to recall -$9.20
WEEK 3 TOTAL: $73.49

Week 2 Total: $44.01
Week 1 Total: $38.47
June Total so far: $155.97 with one week to go!

I just love shopping on double coupon day! Have you seen it helping your grocery bill? Did you take advantage of the cereal and milk or cookies and milk deals? I'd like to know if this is helping you save money, so please leave a comment!


Lisa said...

Nice! What is your goal for grocery spending in June?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Good question, Lisa. I guess I didn't put in a concrete $ amount this month, I just keep pushing myself to spend less than my $275 monthly household/grocery budget. In May I only spent $186. For June I should be able to stay around $200, which I still consider to be great for a family of 6 (although ours are little).

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