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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Freebie Fun!

We had a couple of birthdays last week, so we took advantage of some fun birthday freebies! F turned 1 and M turned 3! Happy Birthday girls!

First we went to Toys R Us and used M's $3 off a $3 purchase gift card that she got in the mail. This is a GREAT birthday freebie for kids ages 2-10. The girls always enjoy going on their shopping trip to pick out an item or two that come to $5 or less. M picked an Ariel beach ball ($2.99) and some Dora stickers ($1), so our total after the gift card was $1.04. She also got a birthday crown and balloon and was thrilled!

Then we stopped at the mall--it happened to be Thursday and I needed to pick up my Aerie monthly free gift (you can sign up in the store)--this month it was a fitness towel. After that, we got M's free Fresh Fit Kids Meal from the local Christian radio station and Subway. They played a little bit before we had to leave for M's doctor appointment. After the doctor, we went to Baskin Robbins and shared 2 free scoops of ice cream, one for M's birthday and one for F's birthday!

Later we went to Red Robin for a birthday dinner where the two girls got free kids meals, free birthday sundaes and balloons! Red Robin also came out for a surprise visit, which was fun. And because I am an eclub member, they had sent me a coupon for 2 free drinks with our entrees, which was a nice treat!

This weekend we had a cook-out with our small group to celebrate the end of the year and 4 girls' birthdays. Another family had two girls during the same week, but on opposite years, of our last two girls. On the cake you'll see "4, 3, 2, 1" on the balloons. A turned 4, M turned 3, R turned 2, and F turned 1 all last week. :-)

If you have a birthday coming up in your family, see my Birthday Freebie list to sign up for some free goodies to help celebrate!


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