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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Freebie Friday!

We had fun scoring all kinds of freebies today! First we went to the mall and got F's 1 year pictures taken and used a free 8x10 coupon. We brought this special rocking chair along and I'm glad we got a good picture of her with it. This was my grandfather's rocking chair when he was a little boy, and F just LOVES sitting in it. She climbs in and out of it over and over again almost every day!

After pictures we went to Noodles for lunch. I got a free meal for my birthday and had a BOGO coupon, so we got 3 large pastas for the price of one and even brought home leftovers! After lunch we had free Orange Julius smoothies for dessert. We enjoyed tasting all three new flavors of their light smoothies. Yummy!

Then I went and used the Bath & Body Works free travel item with purchase coupon (I bought a $1 hand sanitizer and got a free 3 oz. lotion), and then stopped for my free birthday Baskin-Robbins ice cream on the way home (to save for later--I'm stuffed!).

After dinner we got A&W root beer floats for dessert (and I had to save half for tomorrow because I'm still stuffed!). H enjoyed her first root beer float, though she couldn't finish hers either--I thought they were supposed to be small root beer floats, but these were big! I told H on the way home that I hope she has fond memories of scoring free stuff with Mommy when she grows up! She replied that she'll always remember getting a free root beer float!

What freebies did you get today?


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