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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JuiceBoxJungle Parenting Videos

Did you notice the new video player I have on my blog? If you subscribe via Google Reader or email you will have to click through to my blog to see it. It is on the right side under the labels.

I'm excited to have joined the Jungle Ad Network! JuiceBoxJungle offers parenting videos that are cute and relevant. They won't start playing automatically, so you can choose whether or not you'd like to watch it. They are only a few minutes long and are about topics I'm sure you can relate to.

After you embed their video widget on your blog's homepage (anywhere!) they will pay you for the number of page views on your blog, not by how many people actually view the videos. How do they do this? They sell advertising space on the widget and then split the profits (50%) with bloggers! Once you earn $50, they send you a check. Easy! Here's more about the Jungle Ad Network directly from them: The Jungle Ad Network is an invitation-only ad network for bloggers and sites in the parenting space. Rather than simply selling banner ads on your site, we provide you with great parenting content, having already sold the advertising for that content, and then we share the revenue with you. We like you that much.

Since the Jungle Ad Network is by invitation only, email me or leave a comment if you are interested in joining and I will forward your blog address and email address to them so you can get started! You won't get rich this way, but every little bit helps since you are blogging anyway!


Bets said...

Hi, I would be interested in learning more about Juice box jungle and possibly adding it to my blog at You can reach me at I didn't see an email I could use on your blog. Great blog. Thanks.

Angela said...

Hey Jessica,
I started a blog...again...but just to write out some of my crazies. I would like to have an invite sent for the juicebox jungle if you still can. It's


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