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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking! It was a beautiful day and the berries were great. The pictures aren't the best because we were on a tight schedule and I had messy hands. Besides trying to pick berries for the basket, I was also feeding F berries so she wouldn't eat something she shouldn't and trying to man the camera. But we had a good time, the girls all left with red faces and red hands, and we now have strawberries in the freezer ready to make into something delicious! (Notice the red shirts to minimize stains?) :-)


Ambervanness5 said...

cute pictures! The red shirts were a good idea; I'll have to remember that for next year...the ONLY reason Rayna stayed clean is because she doesn't like strawberries so she didn't eat any!!! I think it's weird that she eats and likes almost every food, with the exception of strawberries. She's missing out!

Together We Save said...

Great pictures. Love the matching pictures.

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