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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cereal Deal at Target!

I'm sure you've printed off your $1 off Kellogg's cereal coupons and have been holding on to them, right? This week might be a good week to use them! Target has Kellogg's on sale for $2.75 each, and you get a $5 gift card when you buy 5 boxes. Here's the deal:

Buy 5 boxes Kellogg's cereal = $13.75
Use 5 Kellogg's coupons - $5.00
Equals $8.75 OOP
Get a $5 Target gift card
Like spending $3.75 for 5 boxes of cereal, or .75 each!

(If you haven't printed them off yet, go to and print off 2 of each Kellogg's coupon right now!)


La said...

You inspired me to go to Target and take advantage of this great deal. I went and ended up getting a ton of stuff for only $28 OOP. Here is how is shook out, I did three transactions.

Transaction one -
Two 12 pack mega rolls of Charmin, 13.99 each

Total cost - 27.98
Minus .25 coupon
Then I got a 5.00 gift card with purchase.

I used a 5.00 GC I had from a previous day and spent 23.88 for the toilet paper

Transaction 2 -
5 boxes of cereal with coupons - 9.02

I used the GC from transaction 1 to buy the cereal. Total OOP - 4.02
Plus I recieved another $5 GC

Transaction 3 -
Lysol Cleaner w/ .50 coupon - 1.06
Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/ $2 coupon - $1.79
Kashi Fruit Bars w/ $2 coupon - 1.29
Total cost 4.51
I used the GC from transaction 2 and spent nothing OOP and have .49 left on it.

If you aren't too confused from above I spent 27.90 OOP and bought-
2 - Charmin Mega Roll 12 packs
5 - boxes of Kellogs cereal
1 - bottle Lysol cleaner
1 - box toilet bowl cleaner
1 - box Kashi Cereal bars
Plus I still have an overage on a GC.

I'm not sure if you would consider this good or not, but I was so excited I had to call my husband!

Jessica said...

Way to go!! That's great Laura!

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