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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walgreens Tips

I had said I was lovin' Walgreens, but now just not QUITE as much. I learned a hard lesson to swallow last week. Your Register Rewards (RR's) act like manufacturer's coupons, not like gift cards, so therefore you can't use them on ANY purchase, there are limitations.

I had $4.50 in RR's from the mouthwash that I tried to use to pay for some Huggies last week, but I of course also used a Huggies coupon, therefore it wouldn't take my RR's because it acts like 2 manufacturer's coupons on 1 item. Confused? Me too. I was very bummed when I learned this since I buy almost everything with a coupon. So now I have to figure out how to spend $8.50 in RR's without using other manufacturer coupons. I'm hoping the new free after rebate items for October will come out before they expire in a week so I can use them on those, because if I buy stuff just to burn my RR's, then I feel like I'm not being as smart a shopper.

I still love the free after rebate deals and I have also made money there, so I won't give up Walgreens altogether! I'll just be more wary of the RR deals in the future.

Another tip: If you are taking advantage of the free after rebate deals at Walgreens, you can enter your receipts online now, so you don't even have to pay for the stamp to mail in for your rebates! I would suggest entering your receipts throughout the month, instead of waiting until the last minute (it took me forever last month--I think their server must have been inundated with last-minute people entering their receipts like me!). Another bonus from submitting your rebate online is that my check arrived A LOT faster than usual!

For more tips on getting started, check out Walgreens 101 by Deal Seeking Mom.


Jennie said...

Can you use RR's on photo purchases? I find that's a great way for me to use the gift cards I get from the EasySaver catalog.

Amber said...

The next walgreens easy saver catalog is coming out this Friday and will be effective immediatly (the clerk at my walgreens told me this). You would be able to purchase from both september and octobers catalogs for this weekend only.

Jess said...

You're right -- RRs sure have some "fine print". I've learned that, too! But I think there is a way to use them w/mfg coups. You just can't have more coups than you have items, which means you need to have at least ONE item w/out a mfg. coup. So I think you could have gotten your Huggies w/the coup, but you would have had to throw in a filler item. Earlier this week I found a very cute little stuffed lion on clearance for $.50 -- perfect for Operation Christmas Child -- that's what I used as my filler.

Here are the other "rules" that I know about RR:

You can only use one RR per transaction (but just break up your transactions and you can still use more than one in the same visit).
You cannot use a RR do another RR rewards deal -- if you redeem a RR, more RR will not spit out.
Read the fine print on the RR -- one that I had last week said that it couldn't be used to purchase any P&G products (tricky! P&G makes alot of products!!).
Check the expiration date! My opinion is that they expire pretty quickly.

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