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Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Homeschooling EBook--Today only!

Hurry! This offer is good today only, September 15th!
Download this free homeschooling curriculum, a full-size ebook.
From the book:
"Answers these questions and more:
♦ How do I reach our spiritual and educational
♦ How do I make the most of the decade of impressibility”
(ages 6-16)?
♦ How exactly does the literary method work and
why is it effective?
♦ Should we read excerpts or entire books?
♦ What are the most important, and secondary subjects?
♦ How can I stimulate interest in a subject or topic?
♦ How do I teach so that learning becomes permanent?
♦ How does knowing and feeling contribute to will
♦ Why are these particular books best for these
♦ How can nature study be combined with our reading
♦ Is fantasy really appropriate for children, and if
so, why?
♦ What is the best narration-notebook system?
♦ Where do I begin historical study?

It looks like it has ideas for preschool through eighth grade in many subjects. History, writing, speech, Bible, math, vocabulary, literature, life skills, and more!

I obviously haven't had time to look through it all, since I just got it this morning, but since it is free, download it and you can look at it later.

Thanks, Allyson and Crystal!


dave + jess said...

hi! do you happen to have this homeschooling ebook still? i just came across your site and clicked on the link for it and it's a "broken" link. i'm interested in homeschooling my children and would love read about the info provided in this book! thanks!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I can look...but it was over a year ago so no promises. Email me at momforhim at gmail dot com and I'll let you know if I found it or not.

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