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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Labor Day Pictures

Here are my favorite pictures from our time at my in-law's cottage over Labor Day weekend. The weather couldn't have been better and we had a fabulous time!
It takes a long time to get to the cottage! Of course they were too excited to nap, so they fell asleep shortly after we left the house!

G and M walking out into the lake together. I love that they WANT to hold hands with each other.

The girls fishing. Notice there are no hooks on their lines and the boat is still docked. I highly recommend this form of fishing for preschoolers! They had hours of fun casting their real poles with no worry of injury.

My in-laws, holding hands while walking. I hope we are still best friends and holding hands after 40 years of marriage.

Daddy carrying two girls! We love our Ergo and use it frequently!

H on the boat ride with Grandpa.

The rest of the boat crew. Ted tried hard to get a self-portrait with everyone on that side of the boat! Grandma, F and I were back at the cottage.

Grandpa and Grandma coming in from a sunset canoe ride.

My honey taking me sailing. Aahhh....a little slice of alone time!


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