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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ergo Baby Carrier Clearance!

UPDATE: Someone left a post saying they never got their carrier from Yellbaby, so I'd recommend buying through the Ergo website instead. is having a clearance sale on their brand new Ergo Carriers! They are $79 plus $15 shipping, making them just $94. Ergo carriers normally sell for $105 (with free shipping from several sites), so this is a savings of $11. We love our Ergo baby carrier. You can read my rave review here. We bought it after F was born 2 years ago and have used it a lot, even with M because it carries kids up to 40 lbs. We used it A LOT when we went to Disney World, as it is especially nice to use with sleeping children. Here are some pictures of us with our Ergo in action. (We haven't taken any new ones with baby J in the carrier yet, though we have used it!)

Me with baby F at the park, using the older style infant insert.

F helping Daddy rake leaves when she was about 5 months old.

Daddy carrying two girls! F in the carrier and M on his shoulders.

Me with F asleep on my back while bell-ringing last year.


hannah said...

I just saw your post on our ERGObaby Carrier, and I wanted to thank you for your kind review!
If you are interested in receiving a small token of our appreciation, please email me at for details.
In any case, we truly appreciate your support.
Thank you!


Miss Erin said...

This is turning out to be a not so great deal- as in I haven't received my Ergo after 6 weeks and I am not getting responses back from I should have done a little more research before going with this company- they did this same sale last fall and people ran into the same issues. I just want my Ergo!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oh my goodness!! I am SO sorry!! That is just horrible! I hope you get your Ergo soon! I had no idea there would be problems with this company--I thought it was legit. I ordered mine direct through Ergobaby. Sorry!

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