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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Infantino Activity Gym and Jumbo Play Space

I was SO excited to be chosen as an Infantino Test Drive Mom by MomCentral! The timing was perfect, as baby J arrived just days before my first shipment of goodies. :-)

A big box arrived and we dove in like it was our birthdays! The first surprise? BUBBLE WRAP! (Does anyone else's kids have this fascination with bubble wrap? My parents specifically save it for them for when they visit. They've even been known to mail them bubble wrap--but I digress.) The big kids started stomping around the kitchen popping bubbles with glee, which gave me time to snap some quick pictures before unpacking the rest of the goodies.

I received the Fold & Go Bouncer, the Twist & Fold Activity Gym, and the Jumbo Wheel Play Space. We are using the bouncer the most right now, so I will do a separate post on that later. But we've also tried out the other two products and have enjoyed them.

The Twist & Fold Activity Gym didn't need any setting up other than attaching the hanging toys and mirror. F (age 2) really enjoyed checking out this toy and even now every time I get it out she likes to crawl in it. J has used it some, and seems to like looking in the mirror and at the bright colors. The big girls like to squeeze the little birdie toy to make it chirp for her. It is really easy to fold up, velcro together, and throw in the closet for when we aren't using it--even H (age 6) can do it! It's very light and I can set it up with one hand while holding the baby. I have a burpcloth under baby J because she does spit-up. The instructions didn't seem to indicate whether the mat is washable or not, though it does come apart from the "legs" and toys, so I'm hoping it can be washed. Right now Infantino has two patterns available, Vintage Boy and Vintage Girl, and they are both square. This circular, bright, neutral jungle pattern will be available in mid-July.

Baby J hasn't used the Jumbo Wheel Play Space much yet, but I think it will be great for when she is on her tummy more, as there are a lot of colors and textures to explore and encourage her to scoot around. Again, I'm really hoping this is machine washable. The mirror comes out and the musical flower velcros to the mat so it is removable. Baby wipes do an awesome job of cleaning up newborn baby spit-up, but I'm worried about the older baby spit-up once she is eating baby food and crawling around spitting up colors wherever she goes (which is what my other 4 girls did until about 9 months of age). This rolls up for storage, but it would be nice if there was a velcro closure on it like there is on the Activity Gym to hold it closed. Here is a movie of the big kids using the Jumbo Wheel Play Space. I thought it was very creative for them to think of another use for a baby toy mat! The Jumbo Wheel Play Space will also be available in mid-July.

Click through to my blog to see the video.
I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to review as part of my participation.


Lisa said...

Just wanted to let you know that our gym mats and big mats are indeed machine washable in cold water. Air dry and be sure to remove any removable toys first as the toys are not machine washable. Thanks for your comments. I'm not only the director of Infantino infant toy development, I'm the mom of two little ones too.

All the best, Lisa

Colette said...


You've got a few people giggling here at Infantino with your great post. I love the game your kids created and I am going to take a mat home tonight so my 2 year old daughter can play it with her friend.

Thanks for taking the time to review our new products.

Most Sincerely,

Homemade Mom said...

Great post! I love seeing video reviews!!!

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