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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mommy Me Time

Being a stay-at-home parent is not an easy job. It is very rewarding, but it can be draining both emotionally and physically as well. It's important to make "me time" sometime during the day to recharge. For me, this is afternoon naptime.

Not all of my girls still nap every day, but they all go upstairs for "quiet reading time". I turn on a CD with soothing music and they all choose a pile of books (or for H and G, a chapter book), and they are expected to stay in their beds until the music is finished (about an hour). When the music stops, they are allowed to come down. This usually allows me an hour of quiet time to myself. I can read the Bible or a book, catch up on email or blog, make a phone call, get a chore done, or any other of a number of things. As long as I can do it by myself, without interruptions, I'll be a happier mommy when the hour is over!

With the addition of a new baby to the family, we're still trying to get into our new groove, but I know we'll be on-track soon. Everyone is more likely to be crabby if we miss afternoon nap. It is important, both for the kids and for me!

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