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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Groceries

I did pretty good at Roundy's this week, only spending $18.90. These items were $1 or less: Pasta shells x4, Bush's Grillin Beans x2 (free), Reach toothbrush (free), eggs x2, broccoli, Simply Orange Juice x2, Welch's Healthy Start Juice, kleenex x2, and milk x3 (though I "paid" for them last week). I also bought 2 packages of spare ribs, bananas, and pancake mix x4.

Then I went to a one-day meat sale and spent $26.93 on chicken, ground beef, eggs, chocolate milk, ice cream, and puffcorn. So this week I spent $45.83 on groceries.

We also went to the apple orchard this week and spent $13 on 26 pounds of apples, with which we made applesauce and apple crisp! We've already eaten and given away most of the applesauce and all the apple crisp, so I'm thinking we need to go back to the orchard to get more apples, now that I have so many helpers to process them!


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