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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CSN Review

CSN contacted me about doing a review for their websites. They provided me with a gift code to go shopping at any of their online stores. There are A LOT of things to choose from, so it was difficult to narrow it down! They have a drop leaf table, organization products, picture frames, Melissa and Doug toys, ink cartridges, and more. Ted just wanted me to pick something, already!

One thing I really liked about using the CSN stores website was the ability to easily search and narrow down my choices by so many options. We were looking for some end tables, but space is limited in our family room. So I could narrow down the incredible (almost overwhelming!) selection of end tables by selecting a width of less than 18". Then I could narrow it down further by price or color or other dimensions or shape, you name it!

Because we've been using our carseats continually for the past 7 years, we decided we needed a new carseat more than we needed end tables. We ended up ordering this really cute carseat that F (and later J) will be thrilled about using! F's current carseat is gray, which isn't a bad thing, but with so many girly-girls in our family, a pink carseat will add some excitement!

Unfortunately, when the box arrived, it had a gray carseat in it. I called CSN and explained that we had ordered a pink one, and that the invoice said it was supposed to be pink, but it wasn't. Brett was VERY nice (probably one of the most upbeat customer service representatives I've talked to!) and said it was a packing mistake. The pink one was shipped right away and we received it about a week later. Yay, a pink carseat! Thanks CSN!


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