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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekly Groceries--Pizza Savings!

No pictures again this week, but boy, did I shop! I went to Roundy's twice this week and did a total of 6 transactions--once I realized just how great a deal the DiGiorno pizza was after the surprise catalina, I HAD to go back to buy more on Saturday! They were advertised as 2/$10, buy 2 get a free gallon of milk, which I was willing to pay. But when I bought 2 on Wednesday, I got a catalina that took the full $3 off milk (even though it was $2.45), PLUS I got a $1 catalina that was able to be doubled, essentially taking off a total of $5, making the pizzas 2/$5--an unbeatable deal for DiGiorno! (Since I was buying the milk anyway, I counted the $3 milk catalina toward the pizza--my husband laughs at my "voodoo economics", but I think it's legit!)

After I explained how good a deal it was, my husband told me to go back and buy 8 more pizzas--and he made room for them in the freezer (he loves his pizza)! We have found that we really like the stuffed crust DiGiorno, and are replacing our monthly Pizza Hut splurge ($24 for 2 pizzas) with DiGiorno ($5 for 2 pizzas with this deal), which will save us $95 over the 10 pizzas!

That being said, I blew the weekly budget and spent $86.85. This next week's total should be lower, because I still have 4 free milk catalinas and 2 $1 OYNO catalinas (that can be doubled), which will take off $16 from next week's order, so I should be able to remain on track for the month.

I took advantage of the Pillsbury deal, spend $25, get $10 OYNO and free milk (for buying cookies). I bought 2 Grands biscuits, 2 Pizza Crust, 6 Crescent rolls, and 4 cookies and I ended up paying $0.34 TOTAL after catalinas and coupons! I just now realized I was charged for an extra pizza crust--I should have checked my receipt more carefully--Oops! Those items would have all been better than free if I hadn't been charged for the extra pizza crust--$1.66. Oh well.

These items were free or better than free: Oatmeal x2, Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls x2, Reach floss, YoPlus 4-packs x2, Mentos gum x5, and a donut (free after perks).

These items were $1 or less: string cheese x 11 ($1 is my stock-up price), Dannon yogurt 4-packs x3, Dannon 32 oz x2, El Monterey Tornadoes, FlipSides x4, Keebler cookies x2, Fiber One yogurt 4-packs x2, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner x2, Hunt's tomato sauce x4, RoTel tomatoes x3, Oreo Fudge Cream cookies x2, bread x2, and the above Pillsbury items.

I also bought milk x4, bananas, lettuce, chicken breasts x5 lbs, Cascade x2, Nature's Source toilet bowl cleaner, whipping cream, and pizzas x10.


Kristy said...

Did you buy any of the California pizzas? I bought 2 of those with the $2 off coupons I printed out and got the milk catalina and then an offer to fill out an online survey that pays you $5!!! I haven't heard of anyone else getting the deal so I'm not sure if it would keep working since I only bought 2.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I had the California pizza coupons and those would have been a great deal, but our family really prefers the DiGiorno. If there had been a California just PLAIN cheese, I would have stocked up. But I'm glad you got the deal! :-)

Mommy Petersen said...

Did you use any coupons for the DiGiorna pizzas?
What was the $1 catalina for? Buy two pizzas, get the milk coupon and the $1 off coupon?
I just realized this week that those catalinas can be doubled as well. Not sure what took me so long to figure that does say manufacturer's coupon after all.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I did have one $1/1 DiGiorno that was doubled to take $2 off (it was from a recent insert) and I totally forgot to factor that into my final price--even better!

I'm guessing the $1 catalina was for buying 2 DiGiornos, because it just popped out with every 2 pizzas I bought, in addition to the free milk catalina! Bonus! :-)

I know--it took me forever to realize about doubling the catalinas as well--and sometimes I forget!

Mommy Petersen said...

Thanks! I'm a week behind in the ads(since our week runs from Thursday to Wednesday) so I can try this out tomorrow. That's a great deal on pizzas--and we're all out!

Claire said...

I didn't hear about the catalina, boo! Oh well, next time!

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