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Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Groceries

I was able to stay on budget this week, mostly because I only went to one store--staying home always saves me money! :-) If I run around chasing deals, I always end up spending more. There were some great sales on cheese and pizzas in December and January, so I had stocked up then. It was time for another stock-up, so no, this isn't what we are eating all week!

These items were free: Deli Creations x3, Old Orchard juice x1, DiGiorno 200 Calorie pizza x2.

These items were $1 or less: Kraft mac and cheese x4, Rhodes rolls x3, Totinos Pizzas x4, Old Orchard juice x2, Crystal Light x2, Frigo string cheese x2, sausage links, coffee filters (BOGO free-we're good for the year!), Ritz pretzel crackers, and Rhodes rolls x3.

I also bought oranges, broccoli, bananas, milk x4, pancake mix, shredded cheese x9, DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks x2 ($2 each after coupons!), Edy's ice cream x2 ($1.29 each after coupon), New York Garlic Bread x2, Nesquik (to make my homemade hot chocolate mix), and lasagna noodles.

I spent $56.80 and saved $82.61, or 59%. My monthly total so far for May is $130.27.


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