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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week of Wins!

Have you been searching with Swagbucks this week?  Remember, it is the "week of wins", which means there are increased opportunities for winning swagbucks.  Yesterday I won a total of 47 swagbucks!  I did a search and won 11, then went through the special offers and won 2 more.  Later I did a few searches and won a 20! About an hour later I did a search and won 14 more, for a total of 47!  So far today I've won 31 swagbucks--this morning I won 17, then did the special offers and got 3, then 2 hours later I won 11 more!  I told you these add up fast!  They should be introducing their poll feature soon as well, which is another way to earn swagbucks. UPDATE:  I just won another 29 swagbucks, 14 for searching, then 1 for taking the poll (listed on the left side where the special offers are) and 45 minutes later  I won another 14 for searching!  That makes a total of 60 swagbucks for today!

Remember, there is a bonus swagcode for those of you who haven't yet joined swagbucks.  Join by clicking here and filling out your information.  On that signup page there is a blue area for you to enter a SwagCode.  Enter SWAGNATION5 (case sensitive) for a total of  50 swagbucks to start off your account!!  This code is good through Friday at noon PST.

And speaking of winning, I have giveaways on Wednesday and Thursday, so be sure to check back! :-)


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