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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekly Groceries--$53

This week I only did double coupon day at one store. I did four transactions spending $53.09, a savings of $83.95 or 61%, and I still have a $2 OYNO catalina and 2 free milk catalinas to use next week. That puts my March total at $257.71, an average of $51.54 a week.These items were free: 1 gallon of whole milk, eggs, Grands biscuits, Kraft deli deluxe cheese x2, Kraft 100 cheese x2, Uncle Ben's wild rice, and Del Monte fruit chillers x4 (raincheck).

These items were $1 or less: Kellogg's cereal x7, Reddi-Wip, bananas, Philadelphia cream cheese x4 (.19 ea), Dole Mandarin oranges x2 (.23 ea), Crystal Light mix (.25), crescent rolls x3 (.11 ea), and Garnier Fructis x2 (.54 ea).

I also bought 3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, 8-piece fried chicken (for Ted--I don't like chicken with bones!), milk x4, strawberries x2, lettuce, marshmallows x2, Nestle chocolate chips x2, and canned chicken x2.

Did you see the ingredients for our Resurrection Crescents? I'm looking forward to a few batches of those! :-)

I wasn't going to do the Kellogg's deal until I did the math and thought that basically the cereal would be free since I buy the milk anyway. Unfortunately, the milk catalinas didn't work the same way as they usually do (they only took off the amount of the milk instead of taking off the full $3.50--no overage), so I ended up paying $0.45 per box of cereal. Still not a bad price, but I prefer to get it when it's free! (I usually can with the General Mills deal.) Oh well.

So how did you do this week? What deals did you snag?


Nicole said...

I was bummed by the milk coupons as well. I was going to be getting overage but instead just like I you I ended up paying about $.20 a box. I didn't want to pay anything since we have boxes and boxes of cereal already. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Kristi S. said...

I did 2 transactions I want to go back Saturday for the Easter egg hunt (If we get up early!) I spent $18.48 and saved $62.30
I got 3 free gallons of milk, 5 free kraft deli cheese, 1 free tropicana (bogo coupon). 2 twin packs of scalloped potatoes 1.69/ea and used 2 -25 coupons, 1 tropicana was 2.49, 2 sour cream .88/ea, 2 packs butter 1.28/ea, oscar mayer bacon 2.88 -75 coupon, and my 7 boxes of cereal... I had -$10 in coupons and the $7 instant was 8.55, not real great but the milks were free so it's ok. I am excited to try kelloggs granola cereal. Oh and I am shocked that you didn't get yogurt! I have a bunch to use and maybe I will Sat. but they go on sale often so it can wait, I am hoping next wk is a super double???

Kristi S. said...

How'd you get the cream cheese and creasent rolls so cheap?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

There were catalina deals for both, and of course I also doubled coupons:

Purchase three (3) Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Receive 75¢ OYNO
Purchase four (4) Receive $1 OYNO
Purchase five or more (5+) Receive $1.25 OYNO

Purchase four (4) Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods, Receive $2 OYNO Catalina
Purchase five (5) Receive $3 OYNO Catalina
Purchase six or more (6+) Receive $4 OYNO Catalina

Both catalina deals go through 4/18

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I am also hoping next week is super doubles--I had a BUNCH of yoplait coupons expire this week, but they weren't on sale and I didn't have "room" to double them. So bummed. And I didn't have ANY coupons for Dannon or Activia. :-( Otherwise you KNOW I would've bought yogurt!

Kristi S. said...

That's a bummer my paper Star Trib. had activia and a few dannon varieties -1.00

Kristi S, said...

Me AGAIN, I was just searching for easter candy coupons and found a site with yogurt coupons the fiber one and yoplus! and it can go by zipcode so you know they'll work.

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