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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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P.S. I'm serious that they won't let me throw anything out. They even save the stickers off bananas and apples for their "sticker collections". What am I going to do?


Sara said...

My boys are collectors, too. I've found going through their room when they're not around and throwing things I know are broken works best. It might be a little dishonest, but it does keep down the clutter (and discontentment!). There have been a few "oops" moments when I've thrown something they care about, but after searching the house for it, they usually find something else. Good luck! :)

Kristi S. said...

my kids hate throwing away too! We had to ground them to clean their rooms this week and I was amazed at how much they threw away! Mine are a little older and we told them they were only grounded until the rooms were clean which really got them going. One of my girls especially loves saving everything and we are scared she'll become a hoarder! For some things I would just try and toss when they go to bed. My husband also tells them he won't buy more clothes until they get rid of clothes they no longer fit/wear!

Kim said...

You are going to have to do more crafts with recycled items. lol

If you really want to help them decide to throw things away, you could give them each a container to keep their collections and things in. They only get that container. So then they have to decide what stays and what goes. Just an idea.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Kim- I'm not surprised to hear you say that! But then the special crafts have to be saved, which is almost a bigger problem! What do you do about that? They do each have a "treasure box" as well for small treasures. Maybe they need a little bigger container (like a shoebox), that some crafts and special drawings could fit into.

Sara and Kristi- I, too, throw things away when they are not looking (some guilt, but not much), but have had to dig stuff out of recycling because of tears. Seriously, even their socks with holes in them they want to keep--I have to throw them away when I'm doing laundry!

When H recently threw up in her bed and we had to strip it, the next morning, she informed me that when she put her bed "back together", that she was missing 2 stuffed animals (in the wash), 2 drawings, and 9 stickers. I told her they got puked on and had to be thrown out (which was true), but I was amazed at her memory of her inventory of treasures! (and a little frightened, since throwing things away on the sly won't work anymore with her!)

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