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Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't Forget to Search Today

Just a reminder that today is Mega Swagbucks Day! Be sure to go to your swagbucks page and do a few searches today. It'll only take a few minutes and you might win big! After you've won some swagbucks, go back to the home page and click through the special offers. That will only take a minute and you will usually get between 2-4 swagbucks. Doesn't sound like much, but they all add up!

If you haven't started winning with swagbucks yet, I'd encourage you to sign up and get started so you can earn free gift cards for something you're already doing, too (searching the web). You'll get 30 free swagbucks just for signing up. My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon gift cards which are the best value. I save them up and buy when I can get free shipping (orders over $25). There's still plenty of time to start saving them for Christmas gifts!


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