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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Roundy's Coupon Book

I received a heads-up email from Roundy's that there will be a new coupon book out this Sunday in newspapers, good from April 25 through May 8.  There will be savings on things like Mott's juice, Sara Lee bread, Roundy's water, Barilla pasta, and more.  Their covers look the same (except for the name on top), but apparently PNS/Copps customers can save $30 and Rainbow customers can save $29.  I wonder what coupon is missing in the Rainbow one?  Hopefully there will be some manufacturer coupons that we can match up with these store coupons to really maximize our savings!  So be on the lookout in your newspaper on Sunday, and don't miss your booklet of coupons!


efran said...

I was able to get ahold of both the coupon books and I didn't see any difference in the price on the coupons... BUT for example the Mott's Apple Juice coupon on the PicknSave/Copps booklet says you will "save up to $2.81" and then on the Rainbow booklet it says "save up to $2.21." I flipped through the rest of the booklets and there are definitely differences in the what you "save up to" on most of the items. That is where the $1 difference comes into play. Hope that helps.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Hmmm....interesting. Thanks for letting us know!

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